What is Smart Antenna Technology ?

What is Smart Antenna?

Friends, have you ever thought how much this changing nature of technology has changed our lives. We are talking about the experience of that technology. What do we understand about Advance Technology.

Here if we talk about the technology of few years back, then we should say so much about that particular technology or say that mobiles, gadgets etc. are in our trend. And we didn’t get any special experience from them.

But in the present era of technology, we have got to see very good efforts of technology in every field. Whether it is related to mobile or computer gadget etc.

One of these efforts is to understand about smart antenna technology through this article. So here we will discuss the topic of Smart Antenna Technology , what is Smart Antenna Technology, Smart Antenna Technology, Types of Smart Antenna Technology etc. We will learn what this smart antenna technology is and why it is important to us.

What is Smart Antenna Technology ?

Smart antenna is a process working as a one-way technology of digital wireless communication. Which is usually a system working on both transmitter and receiver.

Specifically, it involves the transmission of multiple radio wave (RF) waves to increase the speed of data and reduce its loss rate.

A single antenna is used for wireless communication and another single antenna is used at the destination. This is called SISO (Single Input Single Output).

If we look at the communication system like the Internet, then the lack of data in it has to be reduced. There is a particular reason for the increase in the number of errors encountered in this.

Now if we talk about smart antenna, it is used to reduce the interference caused due to multipath wave propagation. Which is kind of a possible attempt with this technology.

There are three main categories of smart antenna.

  1. SIMO (Single Input Multiple Output)
  2. MISO (Multiple Input Single Output)
  3. MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)

SIMO (Single Input Multiple Output):-

Here we talk about SIMO technology, an antenna source is used. And two or more antennas are used in the destination.

MISO (Multiple Input Single Output):-

Two or more antenna sources are used in MISO technology. And an antenna is used in the destination.

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output):-

In MIMO technology, multi antennas are used at both the destination and the source.

How many types of smart antennas are there?

Let us now know how many types of smart antennas are there. Well the type of smart antenna we need depends on the type of environment and also the needs of the system.

So there are mainly two types of smart antennas. which is something like this.

  1. Multi-beam Antenna / Beam Smart
  2. Adaptive array antenna

Multi-beam Antenna / Beam Smart

Knowing this type of array would make a lot of fixed beams. Between which a beam will be turned on or moving towards the desired single. This can be done only with the help of adjustment in phase.

Adaptive array antenna

This type of adaptive array antenna will have interference movement and the beam pattern will change with the desired user movement.

Know what is the importance of antenna in future!

If we talk in simple words then what is Antenna. What is an Antenna? Usually this is such a technique. which works on the basis of signal.

At present, the development of technology has increased so much. Which is a smart technology work in almost all fields.

Due to the achievements of technology, new technologies are being used by the efforts of companies working in the field of telecommunications.

So that he can make the signal of these antennas smarter and better. Which started being used in the coming time in the “Next Generation of Electronics”.

At present, if we talk about this technology, then we are using it in the form of 4G network, 3D printing and good manufacturing technology.

Now if we talk about advanced network technology then we can take advantage of smart generation or future technology like 5G.

Due to the continuous efforts of the companies working in the telecom sector i.e. cell phone companies, 5G network (fast network) is being worked on.

With these opportunities, work is being done to install more and more small cell towers and good frequency towers in future. So that we can use a good 5G network.

What is a mobile antenna?

The term mobile antenna is a type of special antenna that is installed in a mobile. whose function is to send or receive signals. And its work is usually done using mobile.

The special thing about these mobile antennas is that we can do them even when the mobile is running.

That is, they are designed in this way. It would be very easy to use them. And in this we should not face any kind of obstacle.