What is Pillar Post?

What is Pillar Post and How to Make Pillar Post?

If you do blogging or you are interested in digital marketing, then you must have heard about Pillar Post at one time or another, but do you know Pillar Post ?, how to create a pillar post and what are the benefits of creating a pillar post .

If you do not know the above information about Pillar Post, then you are on the right article, through this article I will try to give you complete information about Pillar Post.

Pillar post is a very important term used in content marketing, but there is very little information available about it  on the internet, so I thought why not give you complete information about pillar post.

To know about Pillar Post, read this article completely till the end. So let’s start this article without taking much of your time and know what is pillar post.

What is Pillar Post and How to Make Pillar Post?

A blog post in a blog that supports many blog posts, or in which all the topics related to the post are covered, it is called pillar post. Pillar post is longer than a normal blog post and it ranks in search engines for a long time.

Pillar post is very useful post which is very well written, prompts user to take action and is more engaging than normal post. Pillar Post is also called Pillar Page or Pillar Content.

Pillar Post is made up of two words Pillar + Post. In this, pillar means column and post means blog post. Pillar post is the main post of the blog, in which all the parts of a topic are covered.

Pillar Post Example

If you still do not understand the pillar post, then through an example, let us understand the pillar post better.

Suppose your blog is based on computer, then you write a lengthy content on the keyword “what is computer”, in which you have given information about the type of computer, hardware, software etc.

After this you also write articles on all types of computer, hardware, software etc. So what is a computer here is a pillar post and the rest are other general posts. You can link all the posts together and increase the ranking of your blog. You can understand the pillar post like the pillar of the temple, which holds the entire temple.

Advantage of Pillar Post

Following are some of the major advantages of pillar posts –

  • The reader gets complete and detailed information about a topic in a single blog post.
  • Pillar posts are more engaging which prompts the user to take action.
  • Users share pillar post more than normal post because it contains detail information.
  • Pillar post is a lengthy content, due to which users will spend more time on your website and you will get the benefit of it in ranking.
  • Pillar post is also helpful in reducing the bounce rate. Because other posts are linked to pillar posts, users can read the linked content on your blog to get more information.
  • The value of pillar post always remains, it performs well in the search engine for a long time.
  • Pillar posts rank well in search engine results pages, and bring more traffic to the blog.

How to Make Pillar Post?

After reading the article till here, you must have understood that Pillar Post ?, let us now know how you can make Pillar Post. We have told you the complete process of making pillar post step wise below.

#1 – Choose the right topic

Like we have known so far, pillar post is based on a single topic, in which information about all the topics related to that post is contained. Therefore, before writing a pillar post, it is very important for you to choose a right topic.

To choose the right topic for pillar post, you have to understand the visitors of your blog, that is, what type of posts your visitors like to read more, what types of things they search more on the internet, their age, gender. What is etc. You can use a tool like Google Analytics to get all this information.

The person who makes more progress in any business who understands his audience well.

#2Do Keyword Research

After selecting the topic for pillar post, you have to do keyword research for that topic in a better way so that no information related to that topic remains.

#3Select a sub-topic

Sub-topics are the most important in making a pillar post. Pillar post cannot be made without sub-topic. Like we told you in the above computer example that in order to make a pillar post on “What is a computer”, you will also have to give information about the type of computer, part etc. These are all sub topics. Try to add more and more sub-topics to your pillar post.

#4Write a great article:-

List of keyboards and also sub-topics, then now you have to write a great article. You write the article step wise so that the reader can get a correct roadmap.

The main purpose of writing pillar post is to give step wise complete information on the topic to the reader, so that the reader can get more information about that topic.

So in this way you can create a pillar post and give the reader all the information he can find. Following are some examples of pillar posts, by reading these posts you will get an idea to make pillar posts.