What is Firmware? And How is it different from software?

What is Firmware? And How is it different from software?

Hello friends, you are most welcome on aiotechnical.com . Today we will tell you what is firmware and how it works.

If you have ever run a computer, then you must have known about the firmware, while updating the computer, you must have also got the firmware update, then you must have thought that what is the matter here.

If told in short, Firmware is only a type of software but you cannot install or uninstall it i.e. Normal User because it does not come in your hard disk but gets installed directly inside the hardware, which performs very small tasks. You can also call it a short form of software.

What is Firmware?

You must have come to your mind many times or the question that something must have happened in the middle to connect the hardware to the software because how the hardware would have come to know that the software wants to do something to it.

And how does the software know that what are the functions in the hardware that it can use, so we use Firmware to connect these two.

Firmware is a very small software that is saved in the inbuilt memory of the computer or any hardware and is installed in that hardware by the company at the time of manufacturing.

If you do not have Expect in the computer then you cannot remove it because it is saved in the inbuilt memory of the hardware which cannot be accessed easily.

Firmware is used in all types of electronics like – D.V.D, Remote Control, Washing Machine, Microwave, Smart Watch and other types of electronics because here you have to do small tasks such as setting time or giving instructions, such Small software is needed for work, which you can call Firmware Software.

The BIOS that comes in your computer is also a kind of firmware because it is embedded in the motherboard and without BIOS you cannot install Operating Systems in the computer.

To install any operating system, you need BIOS, so firmware has a very important role in connecting hardware and software.

Where is Firmware Stored?

Firmware Software (ROM) is stored in it, which is a read only memory, you cannot remove it or change it and if you want to remove it, then you will have a lot of difficulty in it because it is very difficult to access ROM. .

You cannot install Firmware in ROM, at the time of manufacturing, the company itself provides you by installing it in it, whatever program has to be installed in the hardware, the manufacturer installs it and if there is any problem, they repair it. .

What is the difference between Firmware and Software?

  1. Firmware is somewhat different from software because one is designed for the normal user and one is designed to connect the hardware to the software.
  2. If the difference is seen, then the software that we usually use like – Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, VLC Player etc. comes in the category of software.
  3. You can easily install the software, make changes to it and this does not change our hardware because here it is saved in our hard disk, which we can easily remove, edit.
  4. Unlike software, firmware is in a way only for those people who are computer scientists, programmers who have to make firmware, who want to modify the hardware, the firmware is far away from the access of a common user or stored in the ROM of the hardware. Which is installed by the company itself.
  5. Firmware is stored in ROM so that you will not be able to access it because if a normal user is able to access it, then any change in it can damage your hardware forever, and it can be very bad for you. Therefore it is stored in ROM so that it remains safe.

Why update firmware?

In today’s time, companies have also started bringing a system to update the firmware of their hardware to add more functions to their hardware and to increase the user experience.

  • Earlier we could not update Firmware, but today we can, but it is very risky work because Firmware is a very important program.
  • That’s why companies also provide tools according to their product so that you can update your firmware in the right way, but if you do not have computer knowledge, then I will advise you to get this work done by an expert only.
  • Keep these things in mind while updating firmware.
  • Whenever you update the firmware, keep in mind that you update the firmware from the original website because if you update the wrong firmware then your device may get damaged.
  • Device should not be switched off while updating the firmware, if you do this then your device can be damaged forever.
  • To update the firmware, use the original tools that have been provided by the company.
    Always double check your Model No and Version before updating the firmware so that you install the correct firmware.