What is ASLV? ASLV Full Form

ASLV Full Form : What is ASLV? Complete information of ASLV?

Hello friends, through this article, we are going to give you information related to ASLV and with this we are going to tell you what is ASLV and what is ASLV and what is ASLV Full Form.

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ASLV Full Form?

What is ASLV and before telling any other information about it, we are telling you about its full name.

ASLV Full Form – Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ASLV is also called Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle and it is a launch vehicle which is operated and designed by ISRO.

What is ASLV?

It is a launch vehicle designed and operated by ISRO and was developed to increase the payload capacity of 150 kg so that satellites weighing up to 150 kg can also be placed in low earth orbits to be placed easily.

ASLV is a five stage vehicle and all its stages use solid propulsion and its length is up to 24 meters with a lift off weight of 40 tons and in India this project was started during the 1980s Its design was based on the satellite launch vehicle.

Four flights were operated under the ASLV program, out of which two flights which were filled on March 24, 1987 and July 13, 1988, both were unsuccessful and after this the third developmental flight was organized on May 20, 1992. She was named ASLV-D3, she successfully placed SRSS-C in an orbit of 255 x 430 km with a mass of about 106 kg and then ASLV-D4 was launched on 4 May 1994 and also SRSS-C2 whose weight was Was able to keep her was 106 kilograms.

ASLV which was a project for Satellite Launch Vehicle was started by ISRO or the Indian Space Research Organization and headed by APJ Abdul Kalam in the early 1970s to succeed in developing the technology needed to launch satellites .

ASLV’s Blows?

Due to its success in this, four flights were flown, some of which were unsuccessful, we are telling you about this and this flight was conducted under the ASLV program from the SLV launch pad of Sriharikota High Altitude Range. .

  • The first developmental flight of ASLV was conducted on 24 March 1987 and it failed.
  • After that the second developmental flight of ASLV was conducted on July 13, 1988 but this too was a failed attempt.
  • After that the third developmental flight was conducted on 20 May 1992 and it was a partial failure.
  • After that the most important developmental flight was conducted on 4 May 1994 and it was successful.

After the fourth developmental flight in 1994, the ASLV was terminated or disbanded indefinitely, making the 1994 flight its last flight and no developmental flight after that.

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