ASAT Full Form : What is ASAT Complete Information?

ASAT Full Form : What is ASAT Complete Information?

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you what is ASAT and when and why it is used and what is ASAT Full Form in this article so that you can get complete information related to ASAT through this article. Could.

Often we hear many such words about which we d

o not have any knowledge and in such a situation, most of the people like to get information about these words, many times through their news or TV etc. you must have heard about ASAT but If many people do not have information about ASAT Full Form, then this article can be very useful for you.

ASAT Full Form?

Before telling about what is ASAT, we are telling you in detail about its full name so that you can know what is its full name.

ASAT Full Form – Anti-satellite weapons

It is called an anti-satellite weapon and it is a weapon used to destroy space satellites.

What is ASAT?

As we told you that these are weapons to destroy the satellites of space and they are used to destroy the satellites present in space and India has also used it but India has tried to destroy satellites in their own countries  missile was used.

India has made its name in history by doing a surgical strike in space, India had shot down a space missile with its anti-satellite

missile, this work was done by the Indian made Indian ASAT missile.

ASAT is the weapon of space that was

manufactured to destroy the satellite of space and it was manufactured by many different countries, out of which India is also a country that has manufactured ASAT so far. A successful test has been done by India, America, China and Russia only and no country had done such an operation for WiFi so far and the operation that India had carried out is named ‘Mission Shakti’.

How to destroy satellite from ASAT?

Often this type of question comes in the mind of many people that how the satellite is destroyed from ASAT, then let us tell that in this any mission is carried out through the target of fast moving and it is a ballistic missile. It is like that which is directly confronted with satellite which has to be destroyed and when China did this type of operation, then at that time China used Kineti Energy for this and with the help of Kinetic Energy China destroyed the satellite. went.


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